Friday, September 12, 2008

My knit works

Today's mood :>
hihi~ can't believe i knit leh? yeap, i just took up knitting like...3 years ago. This was my first knitting hat =.=|||

lolx check out my RM99 logitech webcam's quality.. okok i shouldnt compare webcam with DSLR :P I gave this hat to somebody already. I think he dun even know where did he keep it..

i just finished this today.. some kinda container.. the cap looks sucks.. argh! But this time learned changing color edi (with my own way..SELF TAUGHT! hehe) and also flat circle knitting @_@ not really flat tho..

let's see what's inside :P

It's a Sony Alpha kit lens! hahaha.. dun jeles dun jeles :P

Before I finished this container, I was working on Mr. Ho's birthday present..Let's guess what is it..

errm.... its name is Cumi-cumi (squid in Bahasa Indonesia).. Now only I learned that pure stockinette stitch will make ur knit work curl.. so now it looks like Cumi-cumi T^T

Still no idea what is it? Let Eppahed demonstrate it..

It's a HEADBAND / BANDANA / Whatever u call it.. ><"

Sometimes I tried to figure out something, for example "how to get the 90 degrees curl", I will make it smaller scale to test..then I came out with something else =.= like this..

Become a beanie for my doll :D hahaha ok wut, looks fit on u! dun show emotionless face la..

So what you say bout my knitting stuffs? actually all also give other ppl 1.. me only own the beanie for my doll =.= saddddd... but at least I learned something I like ^^


Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

aiyoyo... stop act cute... old lady!

the cumi also not cute enought

Elvie said...

that 'cute' photo is 3 years ago lah!! now no act cute edi :P

why cumi-cumi not cute~~~
wait.. the red color stuff toy is Eppahed, not cumi-cumi.. YES, for that i agree, EPPAHED NOT CUTE!~~
*omg he's coming after me..runzz*

zilch™ said...

logitech webcam so cha meh the quality? i bought mine that price, some celup brand also clearer. you should sell your knits, make some pocket money. and eppahead = FAIL

Elvie said...

that webcam is n-age edi.. where got so high-tech 1.. can't sell 1 ler my stuff, not professional made also =.=

EPPAHED mmg phailedddd~~ wakakakak...

ben said...

ah thats so cute! especially the little hat on the barbie~

Life's Roller Coaster~

Elvie said...

BARBIE!? ><"

she's not a Barbie....can..

she's one of the Obitsu body..

=/\qUa/ViC= said...

Mana Bali photos -.-

Anyway nice knitting work! I wish I know how to knit :P Next time if can ask u to knit something for me XD Anyway, what's the lens model? Just curious~

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

aiyoyo... pls... in my heart, u also act cute n lala

Elvie said...

zhingyee >> ahhh bali photos ><" soon soon.. im too addicting to knitting edi.. keep knit n knit n knit.. ahh sure can knit something for u, but small 1.. lol :D yarn in malaysia very exp oh.. u deliver some yarn from ur place can? hehe.. the lens i used to shoot these is a minolta 50mm f1.7..interested? :)

gavin >> fine! duwan choi u T^T lalazai :P~~~

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

aiyo... lala so small gas meh... faster show me u bali photo oh (without the one u wearing swinsuit... pls don't show) next month i also will go to BALI for company trip