Sunday, November 02, 2003

Queitly & Peacefully

Today's mood :>
dunno y...i juz wanna keep quiet n keep myself in my own that a good habit o a bad 1? none of emotions on my face..not unhappy..not angry or what...just...... :/ ermm....after helping my mom in her shop (we'r selling chicken rice ^^V) i went home n enjoyed my bath...then my aunty came my house n asked me to play mahjong with juz layan lah..sumthing very mm song for me happened..after father n aunty wanted to continue play brother-in-law asked me to play with them while i was watching nvm lah..i juz layan..(actually i dun really wan to play)..after that , my sis "TALKED" to me loudly,said that y i dun let my mom to play (my mom was watching us play mahjong)...i felt so innocent n very mm i juz said "dun say i dunwan let mom to play...she wanted me to play cuz she doesnt want to play!" then my sis juz keep quiet...haihhhh....maybe its juz a lil bit misunderstanding lah..but kena 'wat' not feeling sedap 1 so tired...ciaozz...nitezZzZzz...

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