Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Moving Recovery

Today's mood :>
today i went px again...apa lagi?? RO lar...n then i saw munz online..sad case loh...munz..dun be sad yea...we all oso dunwan c u sad sad ga...like sumbody said..u'r our cheesenut mar..dunno u guyz believe in fate o not leh..i believe 1 ler..it's the way i recover from sadness or disappointing lerr..sumtimes ppl always sad that they dun get what they wanted..but y not be happy with what they already got ler rite? of cuz also have to hope for better 1 lah..get up n move on ur life..that's y i always say me moving recovery lvl 11 ler (actually it's a extra skill for swordman in RO) ..if u wan to know more bout munz' story..click here!

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