Monday, November 03, 2003

Love is not selfish

Today's mood :> many sagis huh...anyway i really like sagistarious.. ^^ they're so frenly and nice!~ well libra oso not bad ah!~ ahhaha...i stayed at home today..wanna go ro but lazy to go out..laydeee : sowee lah...ur latest template talak ur bio ma... later add's breakfast -> milo...ONLY...wu wu wu wu...they're so cruel to me..nvr leave me some food..haihh...laydee's template title is love is not selfish...hrmm..libra is always so sensitive to love thingy geh..they said influenced by venus...(venus is a very sexy n pretty girl)..libra likes peace and always hold on balancing..i think im that type..u guyz watch / read sailormoon (the cartoon) b4? got 1 sailor venus..according to my research..she's same birthday with me..hehehe..ok...back to laydee's is not selfish..i think love make ppl become selfish itself is not selfish...hrm i talked to faith today while he having 1 hour break..i asked him if got ppl wan to pikat me how ler...he said he'll feel like beat that fella up(of cuz he wont lah...juz feel like n he'll pull himself back from beating ppl)..that i strongly disagree...1st of all, it's not worth for feeling angry/mad if sumbody wants to pikat me...should have understand y ppl wants to kao ur gf/bf n also y ur gf/bf leave u (if he/she does) i correct?'s my right to choose or u cannot blame anyone..ofcuz oso not urself..hrmm...abit too long...stop here..continue next time yea...take care n hope u guyz understand lah..(actually it's juz my point of view..

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