Saturday, November 15, 2003


Today's mood :> everyday..>.< but not tmr..tmr have to work my parents.. :) hrm..nowadays i always listen to a cd borrowed from jinjang..beyond ^^ very nice ler.. i like a part of lyrics it's :-

Mui Tin Do Mo Do Mo Dik Sui Yiu (Everyday need it so much)
Weng Yuin Yu Nei Pou Yong Jiok (Forever hugging with you)
Mong Diu Sei Kan Yat Chai Tung Fu Bei Ngoi (Forget every painess and sadness in the world)
Zhung Si Fen Hoi Fen Hoi Do Mo Yuin (Even how far we fall apart)
Ya Wui Ting Dou Nei Fu Wun (Still can hear you calling)
Kei Doi Wo Zhe Yat Sang Zoi Wui Nei (Hope that I can meet you again in my life)

is that meaningful? well..okok lah..but this song remind me of munz n karen..aihh....sobzzz

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