Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today's mood :>
I think i gotta back-up some of my memories into this post. So that I can delete it for now and leave it in some space I won't need to see. Here goes the story.

First of all, I wish to thank him for giving me those sweet memories although it didn't end up well. No worries, this story is very short and simple. ^^

Wait, I guess I shouldn't post here. Ah... I'll just write it on my real diary so that it can avoid some misunderstanding and troubles. Sorry ya if you were ready to hear the story.. haha.. I'm being very emo these days. My heart is half broken but time will fix it. :) Sorry and goodbye.


angelinemiss said...

elvie.. i understand u... i've been thru the same thing.. it really take time to heal. i took nearly 2 years, i cried every night, i emo-blog, i lashed at him (then regretted for doing so) and even stop contacting him.

But what i get? nothing - but 20 months wasted on him. True, i still miss him now and then. But really no point doing so. He'll never come back to me, as he got another gf now.

Know why im telling you this? Cz i don't want you to be like me - waste nearly 2 years for a guy who doesn't want you. GO out and meet ppl! Know more ppl, learn things. Make your life more colourful without him. DON'T show him that you're miserable without him! Show that you can live well and happy now.

Jz my 10 cents here. Hope you get what i mean.

Elvie said...

angel~ sure i get what u mean. and i'm doing like what u said...err.. almost la. haha.. but the first step must be delete some memories first lo. if like that also cannot do, then.. =.=

thanks for ur advice. :) time can heal, and since this story so short.. it takes less time to heal i guess. :D

wish got chance to meet u also lah. ^^

danielctw said...


susahnya.... complicated.. patutlah last time I dun go into all these