Sunday, April 06, 2008

Qing Ming

Today's mood :>
It's Qing Ming again. This year abit different, less car than past years. Surprisingly able to park in front of the door! As usual, sure got people couldn't come to clean up the grave because of OT last night. But I've never missed every year. 365 days in a year, only 3 hours you're asked to clean up the grave, I suppose it's not taking a lot of your time. Nvm, everybody got different point of view!

These two weekend lately I went to see my friends jamming. They asked me to sing because I don't know how to play any music instrument :D haihz, even voice oso cannot hear 1! If I got money and time, I'll go take a vocal class. At least not embarassing when singing Karaoke then can oledi.. T^T

Yesterday, I just throw resigning letter. Lady boss asked me why, I didn't even explain properly. Her phone rang in the middle of the conversation, talked on the phone for 5 minutes, her face filled with troubles and tiredness said, asked me to give her a confirmation letter, then she'll take it as official acceptance. In this situation, it's better not to be asked to stay. hehe. 2 months later I'll drop this job. Hope that next company will suit me more! Wish me good luck.


Lasker said...

Wooooo .. resigned!
Wish you all the best Smilega1, from the way I heard you said .. the current job is way way too tough to stay. 4am?!

Anyway, if you ran out of job options and you want to come to Penang .. come work for ShoutOut .. wheeee

Elvie said...

haha.. thanks for the offer, Lasker.. I'm not sure whether I can stay in penang tho. gotta leave alot of things behind cuz KL is my hometown and had been staying here for 20 years..

OT 2 times in a week, even it's only this time since i started to work here. the management is crazy here. they pay for 8 hours but expect us to work 24 hours a day. maybe that's the fate of designers. sigh...