Sunday, May 04, 2008


Today's mood :>
My L finally restock already!!! sooooo happy!~

Before open

After open

After that of cuz must pose pose lar~

hahahaha very cute ah~~~ :kiss:

Today is also anna's and dafuni's (Daphne) birthday, celebrating in Chilis. I met a lot new faces / shouters. Actually, in fact, I'm still a newbie lar. hehe..took a lot photos. Those flash light like shooting those celebrities on the "Xing Guang Da Dao" flashing non-stop. Eyes oso @@ edi..haha..but mentally, emotionally, i'm happier than before. Anna pulak tell me don't be so emo! haha. If you want to see photos then have to wait awhile la! cuz really a lot photographers and of cuz more photos la. haha.


danielctw said...

Nice coverup summary on the event yesterday :D

William Leong said...


i got L keychain! i like L sucking thumb...

Satkuru said...

wah, ganas can change the face some more ...... ! :P

Elvie said...

daniel : thanks.. but maybe i should mention bout the Dguy? :D

william : :hiak!!: my 1 nicer :P

satkuru : yeah!!~~ hehehe so cute~

Mei Wah said...

yeah~ we shared the name name - mei wah!!!

cute figurine you have there!!!

Elvie said...

hi meiwah!! :D:D

L is cute and cool, smart but weird~
^-^ this is my only nendoroids :P

Ping Ping said...

so comel la the L...where you get it?Anyway, you got watch Xing Guang Da Dao?