Saturday, May 17, 2008

On My Way Home

Today's mood :>
Today, as normal, 7pm after work, on the way driving to Mid Valley, I saw a Kenari on the other direction stopped on the road side and a young man talking to an old malay man. At first I thought that the young man is asking for direction but then, I saw the old man keep on waving hand. I wonder what happen.. then the young man stood there for awhile, then get back to his kenari.. the old man continue walking but, he's walking very slowly and hands are pressing on his stomach.. clearly that he's sick! I bet the young man was offering a ride for him to the hospital (I was around the University Hospital).. In the end, the young man drove away with a girl in his car looking at the old man..and the old man is still walking towards his destination...and I continue driving..

Then I went to gym. Mr. Ho said he needs to pick up his mom from KL, I insist to follow as i duwan go back alone.. then we reached the round about.. heavy traffic jam. that time was around 9.30pm. Getting abit frustrated. Then when after i turned 3 oclock of the round about, i saw some smoke coming out from the Chan See Shu Yuan..Went nearer, i saw the house beside it is on fire. it's my first time saw a house on fire so far. the whole house was burning..i was stunned but still can see people standing around and watching.. can't see the firefighter at first but after the turning i saw them at another corner.. traffic polices directing the traffic.. So then i continue driving...

Now, I reached home safely. and I blogged them as theses are kinda meaningful to me.

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