Saturday, May 10, 2008

L again..

Today's mood :>

Just can't help taking photo of those cute face expressions. :D
Too bad it only comes with 1 hair, so i setup the camera on my laptop and clear up the table.. then slowly adjust the placement of my L, of course change the faces and changed 1 hand with the hp and also the chair..
For sure it won't come out same lighting and I ter-moved the camera abit ><
Open all photos in photoshop then combine them can see the difference of shadow on the wall if you see clearly..
heehee.. enjoi!


Satkuru said...

this was the photo that you were ps-ing is it ? -_-" i thought it was work related ler, hahaha.

not bad ar, put different expressions side by side :)

Elvie said...

hahaha ya lar..
wan to take office work do at home mer.. if office mia i lazy to edit lo.. cuz the pc tak suka photoshop, sendiri suka suka restart 1 :D

u mean my photography/photoshop skill not bad or my L not bad?