Friday, May 16, 2008

Shuttle Speed

Today's mood :>

Basically other than photos, i dunno what to put in the blog. haha.. since everybody is updating blog then i just follow trend lah :P

Ok, bout this photo, taken on a fine night riding in Mini Cooper heading to Laundry bar for the Moonshine event. Not gonna post those photos of Moonshine here as they're already in HERE. Reza (the organizer of Moonshine) even dropped a comment there! :)

Then now let's talk bout, yeah im sure u're lazy to read the about us page. haha.. there's 4 of us (young adults it contributing those posts there bout our daily life in KL, the busiest city of Malaysia. It can be anything. honestly it's not fully developed yet.. im too busy(and lazy) to finish the design for it :(

Alright. That's it for this post. Looking forward to my bedtime story :D


jėss.T said...

WOW so that's how the insides of a Mini Cooper looks like!!


Elvie said...

akakka... yeah the big big "clock"! :X

Satkuru said...

ganas, i like the speedometer :P you are really into local music huh ? :)

Elvie said...

yeee, so mean.. issit a speedometer? i think it's called tachometer :P

local music? yeah.. why not if u can get cheaper yet up to standard mia music? like the ad said "RM200 for XXX from overseas mia concert, go go go; but RM10 for a local music concert, WAH SO EXPENSIVE AH!"
anyway we have to believe that local music scene is getting better than ever :) support local music!