Monday, May 19, 2008


Today's mood :>
Last night went to Ruums, no no, not disco or techno music, it's local music event..u can also call it "gig" (not gigabyte lar..=.=|||)..It's a web launch of Snaps some photo of cuz, but these are the "unrevealed" shots from those shown in haha..

The night view from Ruums which can see the KL Tower :)


The evil me again :P

okay, bout the launch, got few bands i knew 1 like Meet Uncle Hussain, Butterfinger, OAG.. the rest not really heard their music b4.. the most suprised me 1 is Deja Voodoo Spell.. the bassist caught my attention (although the guitarist is better..hehe). he played the Doraemon theme out of the blue..then the crowd start singing.. hahah.. the whole event 'supposed' to start at 3pm.. but as usual, we'll go 1 hour later cuz almost every gig we went oso start half or 1 hour later. I reached home at 3pm, then had my lunch, rest awhile then bertolak. Reached there around 4pm, not yet start, ok then we purchase our tickets.. then wait................4:37pm still not start yet.. it started around 4.50pm.. whua.. but ended around 10.30pm..Inside Ruums like Genting like that.. smokeness.. @@

Happy Wesak day! T^T


Satkuru said...

didn't know you actually go to SO MANY gigs. no wonder the other time you were asking about deja voodoo spell :P

that's your evil look ? i have seen more evilish look can -_-" lol

Elvie said...

T^T my evil look = red face only ma..
sorry lo.. of cuz u see more evilish look loh when u look into the mirror so many times.. *runzzzz* :D

SO MANY? em... ok lah..more than usual chinese fella.. heehee.. if u can then u should go download (or buy the CD, i know u wont :P) their album la.. not too hardcore rock.. worth try listening i would say :)

Satkuru said...

LOL i said i have seen more evilish face from you ler >_<" apa lar ...

hahaha yeap you are right about cds, so far the only original album i own is from craig david and that also i got it free. as for local artist, i have floppy poppy ... not sure if the name is right but then again it's free.

i listen to more indie songs from UK and US -_-" probably it's time to look into the local flavour :)

Elvie said...

har? me no evil 1~

omg u very teruk lar, more teruk than me.. sure lar now it's time to support local bands liao.. "if we don't support, who's gonna support!" by The Star..

floppy poppy, correcto! where u get those free cds ha? i oso want :D said...

lol...ur evil face was cool... :Þ

Elvie said...

Cool pulak.. Haha