Monday, July 14, 2008

Jamming : Part I

Today's mood :>
Last Saturday, Mr Ho and I went to jamming in his friend's house. (yeah in a house =.=" no money rent studio :P) We used to jam during the Saturdays, sometimes canceled cuz some of us not free. Ok, let's introduce our band members.. (LoLx, are we a band yet?) We got Aaron as drummer, Azzahir as guitarist, Mr. Ho as bassist and me as *ahems* lousy vocalist. Basically they are close friends since secondary school, and they even performed on the stage as a band in their school. For me, I'm just so coincidence happened to be there when they are jamming, then they asked me to sing along for them to follow. Well, Im a 'sad case' singer. I can't sing well that's for sure, and I hardly remember lyrics, plus I dunno much songs as they did. Haha, but they're friendly enough to teach me how the songs go and wait for me to learn. Pai-seh nye..swt..

So for a list of songs we play (hehe, it's easy to list out), we play Hujan's songs most of the time. We also play some songs from OAG and DEWA 19. Har?! all malay songs? no ler.. we also play English songs sometimes, like I'll Survive, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, and etc.

Since Mr. Ho bought a Sony Alpha A200, he brings his camera to take photos of us jamming. Well the photos of us jamming have to wait till Part II :P For me,...

I like to take Black & White photos in his house, erm... i dunno why. haha.. B&W has add more feelings to the photo.

After jamming, normally we'll go to the Gerai Jus Besar(not sure what name but we always call it Jus Besar bcuz got JUS BESAR lah) nearby to eat our dinner. BUT, whee~~ last Saturday was different! We went to eat McDonald's!! so happy :P but before that, we also ate durians in his house, LoLx :D

I never thought that I would be in a band since im born. I don't know any music instrument nor I got a amazing voice. But it's fun to listen people jamming. I love music. :)

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