Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Current Addiction

Today's mood :>
yay~ today i want to present to u my 2 favorite addictions recently.. *tadaaaaa*

EAT >> nutella is found when i got mini pretzels to eat, but mini pretzels are too dry.. so Mr. Ho suggested dip with nutella.. n since then im in love with nutella.. i used to love Ferrero Rocher alot too.. but so expensive T^T only can eat when my kaima buy for me during chinese new nutella is very precious to me.. i eat bit by bit, not wasting it like SPREADING IT ON BREAD!! omg.. so wasting :(

PLAY >> Beats is a PSP game created by Sony. Something like o2jam but u can play with ur own songs that's inside ur PSP! Sorry for the Tap Tap Revolution in iPod Touch, that's too mafan as u need to tap ur own songs and YOU NEED INTERNET CONNECTION! it's not so easy to join free wifi everywhere in Malaysia..even Mid Valley..geesh..and, Beats got more buttons to press than TTR.. more fun!

okay, i'm going to play Beats now. hehe.. bubbai~~


Hannah said...

nutella @.@ ..... me wanna.... :)

Elvie said...

:bleh: hahah..supermarket got alot :D

Anna said...

Hua...Eat so much sweet stuff...Later gigi jatuh baru tau :P

Elvie said...

bleh.. i brush teeth everyday geh.. wont gigi jatuh :P hahaha..