Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why am I still jobless?

Today's mood :>
Hi, today is my 38th day jobless. In case you didn't know, I STILL not yet started finding job.. haha.. so, this post is about "WHY AM I STILL JOBLESS"..

*Note : i'm not blaming anybody on this post okay.. my intention is just to update ppl who wonder why / care bout me for not having a job yet..

This is my 1-day routine after im jobless.. XD
XX00 - 1130 : sleeping..zzzz
1131 - 1150 : wash face, prepare, (surf net if still got time :P)
1151 - 1400 : help out in my brother's chicken rice stall
1401 - 1700 : go gym @ Mid Valley
--------(Above apply to Monday to Saturday)--------
1701 - 2000 : surf net or take a nap
2001 - 2200 : eat dinner and read newspaper / watch tv
2201 - XX00 : surf net or chatting online

so.... that's what i do everyday except Sunday.. all my day time has spent for something thats not earning me money.. =.=||| at night, im lazy n tired already.. yeah probably u would say im not only jobless, im USELESS too! Just let me be what i'll be ler.. i think i just need some holiday.. Yeah im going to Bali next month.. maybe i'll feel better after that trip.. well, when i not even have 1 cent, i'll move my ass to get a job 1 ler..

Gimme PEACE & LOVE, not NOISE & PRESSURE! it feels so good if i can flying up sky high..


Satkuru said...

2201 - XX00 surf net or chatting online

XX00 - 1130 : sleeping..zzzz

ganas, so sometimes can go up to early morning ler, lol. nvm nvm dun pressure yourself. ban ban find a new job :)

Elvie said...

heheheh, u'r right.. record is 4am lah.. :heehee: jobless is like that 1 ma.. jobless must act like jobless!! :v:

money makes me headache only ler.. money is a must for continue living. if i got alot money then wont pressure liao... lol..