Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bengkak Eye

Today's mood :>
*Bengkak = swollen*
Few days ago, i felt slight pain when i blink my eye. it feels like eyelash dropped into ur eye. I can see my eye reddish at the tip of my eye. Yesterday, it bengkak a little bit like pimple or mosquito bite. Today, IT'S WORSE! It bengkak until my half eye close. And I forgot to say, it's my left eye. I didnt go help my brother today. I feel terribly moody. Here's a picture of how it's like today. Hope it dont spoil ur day.


Satkuru said...

get well soon :)

Elvie said...


vialentino said...

better take care of ur eye ler...told u don't see too many naked male...now u see the consequences....hehehe....take care!

Elvie said...

vialentino >> ABISH!!! i din see TOO MANY naked male lar okay! ><" haha..