Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sex Toy

Today's mood :>

"Am I sex toy?"

Yeah, i've asked this question quite a few times before. Am I worry too much? Or there's something not right on another half?

It's not wrong, it's just weird n doesn't sound right.. i know. but should I adjust myself to fit into it?

I've tried to sort this out, but no, nobody can change his life! u get what i mean? I know, every man loves pretty, sexy n smoking hot chics! But, somebody can hide it. BUT why should one hide it? Why can't show it out? This question will bounce back at me.

I talked bout the topic 'watching porn with a girl' with a guy.. (ahemz..u know who u r).. I didnt explain to him on why I feel hurt n insulted when my bf is watching porn with me.. the answer is, i know im not as good as those porn star, but can pay some respect? YEAH, that's the word, RESPECT! Sometimes (when im in good mood, as in VERY VERY VERY good mood) I can watch with him.. but NOT EVERYTIME!

Why I can't tahan is like here girls, there babes, over there got chics, bla bla bla.. It makes me feel like he's pervert.. hungry for girls? Hey what bout me?

"Am I sex toy?"


WillaZz said...

ur sex toy when u fulfill his fantasies

Elvie said...

then i shouldn't fulfill his demands?

Flair Candy said...

Hey elvie! boy-oh-boy, it's every girl's dilemma.. "i know im not as good as those porn star" you said. damn girl you don't know that! Well, you could talk to him about this he might not know you feel this way. Or worse, he might think you're enjoying it too or something. Cheers!

Elvie said...

candy >> I had talked to him bout it. but he always can't understand my feelings. for an example, he'll say "what r u thinking? I'm not dating them.wat's wrong with watching porn?".. u see? Anyway, thanks for dropping by :)

WillaZz said...

you should but the thing u need to understand that.. porn stars are hired/paid to do, they have certain requirement and have to act in front of the camera.. they are told to moan scream,jump,roll over,bend down or whatever they are told to do by the director...

Thats why u c big dicks all the time =.= they hire guys with certain requirement too! so guys usually have low self esteem when they watch too much and keep on watching to make them satisfied with themself..in fact they should just search for porn with small dicks in it! and wont bother watching the next time,, HAHA!who on earth ganna hire a fat slow mo with small dick and screen em on the camera? unless for some fetish.. lol!!
at the end of the day.. they get paid for their act...
for ur case its different, u should watch amateur vids.. cuz those pros AV u watch use things like EDITING!.. thats why they looked prefect!.. its just a vid for god sake..

ok i know im not helping here.. HAHA! but den again.. u should be happy he's watching and learning new stuff to satisfy a women.. :shifty:
im bull crapping alot!.. LOL!

Elvie said...

willazz >> swt.. i dare to say i did fulfill his demands loh.. he said yeah when i asked him lar.. but for the case he got learn new stuff anot hor, i dunno lo..><"

lol small d*** video is comedy la, :X

yeah lah i understand, p0rn star is unreachable for me. i just feel that the amount of effort i put in to satisfy him, is not balance with the appreciation he gave me. :(

Satkuru said...

elvie, just be happy with how you are :) your partner should be complementing you rather than asking you to be someone else.

anyway watching together or not is a whole diff story but at least from here can see you are taking initiative :)

Elvie said...

satkuru >> u got it right. i've been low self-confidence all this while within the inner me. i dunno how can i get rid of that.

last night had an argument again. no way for this to be solved unless break it up.