Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PhotoHunter : KM 50mm/f1.7

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William Leong said...

50mm f1.7 are meant to generate soft backgrounds which is out of focus, so it will make the subject stand out more.

so suggestion hor, try getting more level with the food so the food will be more distinct.

shoot subject that have more interesting backgrounds that will create a nice, soft, out of focused layout. eg. streetlights will go all soft and round.

another good thing about f1.7 is that u can use it to take over the kit len's task when the light gets very low, with a wide open aperture, u can keep the shutter speed high enough without introducing shakes - even with SSS on.

need anymore advice jz ask away ya.

William Leong said...

one more thing, 50mm's are great portrait lenses, take more portrait shots with it, its more flattering than the f3.5 of kit lenses.

Elvie said...

william >> whee~~ thanks for ur information and suggestions! =) i'll go try samo!! :D at least now i got a direction to go..haha..

Elvie said...

i got questions about the colors ler.. i always can't get the color from what i see.. it's always less saturate.. like the cactus 1 hor, i used vivid mode ler :X if not, it looks like got fog 1..

William Leong said...

im guessing its caused by the really shallow depth of field.
at f1.7, the DOF will reduce to just inches deep (length of your finger)

as for the colors, im not too sure. but here's something u can try. use a low ISO (higher ISO kills saturation, sharpness and introduces noise) then shoot again and see.
another one is try going into the menu and bring up the saturation. im not sure where is that situated in the A200, but in the A100, its in the DEC dial controlling the shooting modes (B&W, sepia, Adobe etc.)

Elvie said...

dunno what is DEC dial controlling..lolx.. there's "Creative Style" in the menu where i can choose B&W, Land, Portrait, Vivid, Adobe, etc.. vivid is too strong.. sigh..

will try low ISO..thank you :D

Satkuru said...

ganas reading all those description made me go @___@ hahahaha. not bad not bad teaching each other.

i shall lurks :P

Elvie said...

satkuru >> i'm still waiting for ur lecture ler :) jangan lurks! kekeke..