Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Say "hi" to new lens

Today's mood :>
Hey, I've been busy with something (er... even myself don't know why and what am i busy about).. okok, it's an excuse for not updating my blog, happy? hmm.. let's talk about last Sunday, shall we? (#%&!*#$%@#$! this is my blog! i decide, ok! :P)

Not long ago, Mr. Ho has got his 'new' lens (the lens is actually same age with me, ahemz..) it's a Konica Minolta 50mm/f1.7. im not into camera/lens, but more into photography la..haha..

so i took alot photos on Sunday which is my friend's birthday celebration at his house. But before that, Mr. Ho and I went to Amcorp Mall to get his birthday present which is a Volkswaagen Beetle 1:24 scale model. And I also bought a pair of earrings.. :D

Then, we did something for our blog lar..but not yet post.. haha.. I spotted some flowers.. take up the camera n shoot..

dun bother that lame eppahed.. he's dumb, he doesn't know anything bout cameras n lenses, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW PHOTOGRAPHY!


Let's barbeque him...ohohoho~

ok.. later will have a post with the photos categorized..
and, I learned something "new" when taking photo of cactus.. :(
I always lazy to round the straps to my hand, I was bending down to take photo of the cactus then the strap kacau my view so I used my left hand to take away that strap, mana tau, kena cucuk by the cactus beside my subject... See the cactus shot in next post how long the thorns are.. T^T sakit.....


Hannah said...

HAHAHA elvie!! I love how you always involve eppahead in your post! congratulations on ur new lens! OMG me so jelesss! :P

Elvie said...

i see him everyday thus i have to put him in my blog ler.. kakaka.. no need congratz me ler, cuz it's not my lens.. hahaha.. so dun jeles :D