Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Introduction of Eppahed

Today's mood :>
IF you wonder who's that fella always appear in my photo recently. HE is Eppahed(Apple head). Yeah is a MALE!! don't ask me why :P i like to kacao ppl's gender.. cannot mer..XD. From now on, I'm gonna put him into all my photos in this blog to represent me. ^^

Where does he come from?
Well, he originated from a company called ActionCity and he walked to my house, asked me to adopt him. He said he ran away from his old home because all of the toys there are very 'Action' (kononlah ActionCity :P)

How does he look like?
He has a big red apple head with black eyes and smiling mouth line, NO NOSE. He is 5 inches tall but his head is already 70% of it. 500grams in weight.

Does he eat?
No. He can't open his mouth. -.-

What are his hobbies?
He likes to lie on the bed and sleep whole-day-long. When he's active or trying to attract attention, he will roll on the bed singing "gu-ling gu-ling~ gu-ling gu-ling~". He also likes to read storybooks! Sometimes he likes to sleep on his boss' head. =.="

Does he have any family or relatives?
YES. Err, not really family or relatives, but HIS BOSS, Big Boss Eppahed.

Why is he qualified to represent me?
See the photo below.. you will understand.

Hahaha. If you have any question bout him, can ask me :)


Hannah said...

aaaaawwwww...... elvieeee!!!! Eppahed so cutteeeee!!! really really adorable yah! and I love what you did with him (denoting your similarities)! heeheehee

Elvie said...

hannah >> yeah. Eppahed is super cute but that doesnt similar with me la. Thanks for supporting! yay! come back more often to see him :P

Satkuru said...

i was also thinking how come suddenly a red fella appear out of nowhere. similar meh both of you, i mean besides the head being bigger than the body, i dun see anything else wor ... lol

Elvie said...

satkuru >> $&%(!*#$)% u wan kena chair issit!

Anna said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You put so cute mia thing there not scared he more famous than you meh :D:D

ben said...

awww..that is sooo cute! i like it very much! where did u buy it~!

Life's Roller Coaster~

Elvie said...

anna >> anyway he is renting my place to advertise himself wo.. kakaka.. he famous then i also famous lo~

ben >> did u read my blog? -.-||| from ActionCity..

Christie Kisstie said...

The Eppahed so cute d.
aww. you better be careful because i am going to steal it from u. haha

Elvie said...

xtie >> hey!! cannot steal from me~~ :( eppahed will be sad and dun forget he can run away :P