Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coco Wang

Today's mood :>
Coco Wang is a cute girl studying in England and she's a comic artist :D Okay what I want to talk bout is her comic tribute to China 512 Earthquake. This is one of the comic episode ya, I think she wont mind if I put here :X

That's my favorite among all of her earthquake strips. And do see her "studying in England" blog after the earthquake strip.. it'll make u feel better.. lol..

p/s : no eppahed this post :P & dun give me comment like u have seen her blogs b4, can..


Hannah said...

OMG elvie... I had goosebumps all over when i read this... :cry:
very touching 1

Elvie said...

T^T u got visit her blog? or just this 1?

Hannah said...

nope don't know link to her blog :P I relinked you :$

Hugo Lim said...

elvie arrrrrrrrrr... hai sommmm arrrr.. so ho chiak..

sowee ler.. u dun hav shoutmix thingy for me to spam :P

William Leong said...

why no cbox one... :kungfu: :D

Elvie said...

bahahaha.. spam here lah :P i not enuf comments ma..

samo can type very long :D

:kungfu: william